The British Labor Party finally decided on the position of the party for Brexit, now they are calling for the preservation of the country’s membership in the European Union. On Monday, the “shadow” Foreign Minister Emily Thornberry announced her intention to support the campaign for the unity with the EU.

Earlier, the leadership of the Labor Party stood for Brexit, since, according to opposition leader Jeremy Corbin, one should “respect the will of people” who spoke in a referendum for leaving the EU. The opposition was only dissatisfied with the terms of the agreement with Brussels. However, after the conservative government failed to pass through the parliament the text of the agreement on the deal with the EU and following the growth of general dissatisfaction with Brexit, the Laborites changed their position, Corbin began to talk about the need for a second referendum.

“With your support and your parting words we got here today, I’m sure we must do everything day and night to keep Britain part of the European Union”, – said Thornberry, speaking at the annual party conference.

She reiterated the party leader’s demand that the text of the agreement on withdrawal from the EU should be put to a universal vote.

“We must fight all these days until October 31 (Brexit dates) and after so that any exit conditions, from any government, are put to a universal vote. The last word (according to Brexit terms) should be said by the people. And such a vote should include the opportunity to speak out for retaining membership in the European Union. I will call on for continued membership”, – said Thornberry.

At the moment, the situation around Brexit is at an impasse: the country’s parliament is opposed to the agreement with the EU in its current form, but it is categorically opposed to Brexit without an agreement. The EU refuses to resume negotiations and revise the agreement. The prime minister insists that Britain will leave the EU on time – October 31. Johnson twice proposed early elections, and both times the parliament rejected him.

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