The lower house of the US Congress on September 19 adopted a resolution that guarantees the payment of $ 250 million in defense assistance to Ukraine after the end of the current financial year in the United States, that is, after September 30.

“The U.S. house of representatives on Thursday approved legislation to ensure that Ukraine will be able to spend $250 million dollars of military aid after the White house detained it this summer”, –  the report said.

The corresponding provision was enshrined in a resolution aimed at avoiding the government “shutdown” until November 21.

Next week, the Senate of Congress must confirm the decision.

In late August, Trump instructed his national security team to review the security financing program in Ukraine. The delay led to criticism from Congress.

The Washington Post wrote that the Trump administration has suspended aid to put pressure on Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky to resume an anti-corruption investigation against former vice president Joe Biden and his son.

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