The Public Service Workers ‘Union (MKKSZ) and the Social Workers’ Union (SZAD) went on a nationwide strike on October 10, saying the government “failed to keep its promises and deceived social workers.”

In a statement on Friday, unions noted that last March the government promised to develop a plan to increase wages and create legal conditions for concluding a collective agreement for workers in the social sector.

Government officials present at the spring strike talks promised to deliver on their promises by April 30 and June 30, they added.

The unions said that since the government had “failed to fulfill either the deadline or its promises,” they will continue the strike, which they ended back in March.

After the strike on March 14, MKKSZ leader Erzhebet Boros announced that some 7,500 civil servants had joined the cessation of work, most of them local council workers.

It was previously reported that more than 300 trains were canceled in Spain due to a strike. Rail workers are demanding more staff and shorter working hours.

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