The football match of the Philadelphia school teams ended in a shootout. This was reported by Fox News.

According to media reports, the incident occurred at about 20:00 local time. During a football match in the parking lot, a conflict broke out between the two men. It ended in a shootout.

The police began to withdraw spectators and team players from the stadium, but two schoolchildren aged 14 and 15 were injured. The teenagers were taken away from the scene by an ambulance crew. Their condition is stable.

Riflemen were also taken to the hospital with wounds, however, it was not specified whether they were arrested.

As News Front previously reported, such incidents have become almost regular in the United States. Against this background, a report was presented in the House of Representatives of the US Congress, according to which cases of violence with the use of firearms cost the country’s budget $ 229 billion. At the same time, California, Texas, and Florida are the most problematic issues, where armed violence cost 18, 16.6, and also 14 billion dollars a year, respectively.

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