In the best traditions of the Maidan: barricades in Hong kong

At the Hong Kong government buildings district Tuen Mun radicals began to erect barricades. Riots have paralyzed the movement, even had to close the local subway station.

It was reported on Saturday, September 21 by local media.

According to reports, today “maidaners” have launched their activities in two sleeping areas – Yuen Long and Tuen Mun. The metro stations in both areas were blocked for security reasons, because earlier the radicals became known for pogroms in the subway.

According to the media, in the area of Tuen Mun, demonstrators armed with armature and slingshots are operating. They burned the national flag and made a riot, simultaneously building barricades at the administrative building.

Police calls for demonstrators to disperse were ignored. Later, law enforcement officers launched tear gas, arresting several particularly violent demonstrators.

As News Front previously reported, protests have not stopped for more than three months. Not even a statement by the mayor of Hong Kong, Kerry Lam, who stated that the extradition bill, which the protesters initially opposed, withdrawn.

It is noteworthy that since then the list of protesters’ requirements has expanded. Moreover, the latest actions were carried out under increasingly absurd exuces. For example, last week the radicals smashed subway stations allegedly due to poor quality of service. Even earlier, they demolished “smart” lampposts that collect information about road traffic and the level of air pollution. The fact is that the protesters discerned in them a system of total surveillance by the authorities.