Five-year-old boy called to the army in the Ukraine

In the Kiev region in the village of Grebenki, a five-year-old child was called to military service. A photograph of the summons from the military enlistment office was published by the boy’s mother on Facebook.

“A subpoena came to my son, and everything would be fine, but he is 5 years old,” the woman wrote.

According to the summons, on September 23 the boy must appear in the village council of Grebenki with one of his parents and register with the local recruiting office.

Later it turned out that the confusion arose due to the fact that the year of birth of the boy in the population list was corrected from 2013 to 2003.

The village council of Grebenkov on Facebook apologized for the mistake and urged parents in such cases to immediately contact the administration by phone, rather than publish information on social networks.

“This is done by everyone who respects someone else’s work. You know, the one who does nothing is not mistaken,” the report said.

After that, the woman deleted her post.


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