Donald Trump’s main opponent in the upcoming US presidential election, democrat Joe Biden, accused the head of the White House of undermining national security.

So Vice President of Barack Obama commented on trump’s intentions to get information from the Ukrainian leadership, which may well “bury” Biden’s political career.

As News Front previously reported, this refers to information regarding Joe Biden’s pressure on Petro Poroshenko to achieve a settlement of the investigation against Biden Jr. with his financial frauds.

Now, Biden is trying to accuse Trump of pressure on Kiev, accusing him of “abuse of power and humiliation of the country.” 

“Such actions are disgusting, because they exploit our foreign policy and undermine national security”, – the democrat says.

In this regard, Joe Biden demanded to release the recording of a telephone conversation between Donald trump and Vladimir Zelensky.

Recall that now in the US democratic circles occuring the idea to impeach Trump if the fact of his pressure on Zelensky is proved in order to obtain data on Biden, as well as the interference of Kiev officials in the previous elections on the side of Hillary Clinton. Obviously, the publication of these data will seriously hit the Democratic Party, which they are desperately trying to prevent. It is worth noting that, according to some reports, Biden himself wants to hold a secret meeting with Zelensky.

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