The growing level of armed violence, including the frequent cases of mass executions, led to the formation of a “hole” in the US state budget. 

Studies have shown that the killings and suicides that result from a large number of weapons in the hands of the Americans led to losses of $ 229 billion.

To assess the situation in all states, data from the Giffords Law Center for the Prevention of Armed Violence and the Centers for Disease Control were used.

The most problematic states in this regard are California, Texas and Florida, where armed violence cost 18, 16.6, and also 14 billion dollars a year, respectively.

At the same time, Alaska holds the anti-record in terms of mortality from weapons per capita, although similar problems are also observed in Arkansas, Idaho, Montana, West Virginia and Wyoming, states with a high level of gun ownership.

Moreover, analysts found that the United States became the leader among childhood injuries and deaths from firearms among the developed countries of the world.

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