Washington has decided to impose sanctions against the National Bank of Iran. Trump called these measures the “most significant” sanctions.

The US President Donald Trump on Friday, September 20, announced the imposition of sanctions against the National Bank of Iran, reports CBS.

“These are the most significant sanctions that have ever been imposed against the country”, – he said.

At the same time, Trump emphasized that these sanctions are “very large, very prior”.

In turn, the head of the US Treasury Stephen Mnuchin said that it was about sanctions against the last source of funds for Iran.

This decision came after the recent attacks on Saudi Arabia’s national oil company, which Washington accuses Iran of.

In this regard, Trump said that the United States was always ready to use military force against Iran.

“Always ready. There has never been a country that is better prepared”, – he said.

Iran denies its involvement in refinery attack.

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