This weekend, yellow vest groups, unions and environmental activists are expected to carry out a range of protests in Paris, so governmental buildings and valuable landmarks need to be protected by  the police.

Thierry-Paul Valette, an organizer from the yellow vest group, stated that demonstrators aim at resuming their movement against economic injustice. They can achieve it by gathering in Paris and other big cities to carry out miltiple protests. 

Emmanuel Macron’s plans of reconstructing the complicated and expensive pension system of France are met with great resistance, despite the fact that he has earlier concerned some of the yellow vest issues. 

A special march against the retirement reform is being held by the Worker’s Force Union, which is afraid of the possibility of pensions reduction and working hours increase. 

At the same time, climate fighters are also carrying out strikes on Saturday. Their goal is to require the emissions reduction and burning Amazon rainforest and the melting Arctic saving. 

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