Serbian Parliament: Kosovo will remain tough on Belgrade

The Chairman of the Kosovo and Metohija Committee (C&M) in the Serbian Parliament, Milovan Dresun, said that the goal of the upcoming elections in Kosovo is to subsequently form a “monolithic” executive branch with a tougher stance on Belgrade.

Serbian Parliament: Kosovo will remain tough on Belgrade

He noted that this is due to the behavior of the current leadership of Kosovo, which has no desire to negotiate with Serbia. This was reported by the Serbian public television and radio company Radio and Television of Serbia.

“I don’t think that any new political parties with almost unknown leaders will go to parliament (Kosovo), who will receive great support from the Albanians in Kosovo, and then will have considerable political weight. It seems to me that the votes will be distributed between the current key parties. They will receive trust from citizens. It is possible that new coalitions will appear, but they will consist of current politicians”, – Dretsun explained.

According to him, the elections in Kosovo are not aimed at the rotation of personnel in the leadership of the republic, but at the creation of such an executive power that will be united and unshakable on key political issues, especially when it comes to open issues in disputes with Serbia.


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