Luftwaffe fails: a German fighter falls apart while flying

German armed forces plunged into another scandal amid the fighter of the German Air Force dropping fuel tanks during the flight. 

According to the press service of the Air Force of Germany, the incident occurred on the eve when the Tornado TLG51 aircraft lost two additional fuel tanks during the flight at an altitude of about 6 thousand meters, which were empty at the time of the incident.

One of the tanks was discovered near the city of Pansdorf in the north of the country. The second, according to the latest information, has not yet been found. The causes of the incident are also unknown.

It is worth noting that Germany has long been unable to boast of a reliable army. The malfunction of aircraft and tanks in service has been reported repeatedly. Moreover, it came to problems in the supply of basic equipment. As it turned out in late August, German troops were left without shoes. The authorities were not able to provide the soldiers with boots as part of the reform that they themselves had introduced. Only by 2022, Berlin promises to put on all the soldiers of the German Armed Forces.