The necessity to restore the adequate conditions in Jammu and Kashmir was expressed even by the chief justice of India, Mr. Gogoi. 

Indian courts are subordinate to the government, and in the past they have repeatedly made decisions against their consciousness, for example, the demolition of the 16th-century Babri Mosque in Ayodhya on December 6, 1992, which led to the death of Muslims before 2000. 

The CJI was convinced that the situation in Kashmir was intolerant, and the state should restore normalcy, but adding that national interests should be protected. In the same way, the courts played a dirty role in 2002, when a massacre of Muslims took place under the leadership of Chief Minister Modi in Gujrat. 

Moderate Hindus, intellectuals, nongovernmental organizations, and human rights defenders in India also criticize government policies toward Kashmir, while neutral media is also concerned with the Kashmir issue. Unfortunately, the government in India has been abducted by extremists and terrorists. Almost a third of parliamentarians are accused of committing serious crimes, which means that the whole system is in the hands of criminals. India was once the largest democracy and secular state, but today it has completely changed and turned into an extremist and terrorist state where criminals command. India has already been exposed.

In fact, India announced the abolition of Articles 370 and 35A and the introduction of curfews in Kashmir on August 5, 2019. Since then, 8 million people have been under curfew. People cannot leave their homes. Security forces arrest people and carry out without any judicial procedures as part of a house-to-house search operation. They can enter someone’s house and accuse anyone of any suspicion and can shoot on the spot, arrest, rape, detain, torture or harm them in any way they wish, according to the draconian laws in force in Kashmir from August 5 . Such a long curfew led to a shortage of food, fuel, medicine and basic necessities.

Mobile phones and Internet services were suspended, the media were made public, all foreigners and visitors were evacuated, and all communications were disconnected. Kashmir is completely blocked. World media report only minor atrocities and atrocities committed on the ground.

About 80,000 young people from RSS were infiltrated in Kashmir for genocide. They are trained by the military, equipped with weapons and free hands to harm anyone at any time. Security forces facilitate and protect them. These are secret partisans and Muslim genocides in Kashmir. This is the same as the Nazis during World War II. In practice, Kashmir has become a large prison, and the people of Kashmir are seen as prisoners. About 8 million residents of Kashmir are under siege.

Protests, agitation, rallies, demonstrations around the globe have been witnesses, but the Indian government seems deaf, dumb and blind. We urge the international community not to wait further, and let this happen, as in Rwanda, Bosnia, Rohingye, etc.

India crossed all records of human rights violations, participated in systematic ethnic cleansing and genocide. Rape was used as a weapon. This is government policy and state sponsored genocide. This is an open violation of the UN Charter, the Geneva Convention, the Rome Convention and all the norms of the civilized world. India should be
prosecuted for war crimes, and all those involved in these war crimes should be punished accordingly. All field commanders, soldiers, generals, regardless of their status or rank, should be punished if convicted of war crimes. Politicians, government officials, decision makers who, in one way or another, are directly or indirectly involved in war crimes, should be prosecuted and punished accordingly.

UN peacekeeping forces, consisting of neutral countries, can be deployed to save the lives of the innocent people of Kashmir. It is worth noting that the Kashmiri people are unarmed and are engaged in a peaceful struggle for their right to self-determination in accordance with UN Security Council resolutions. Pakistan, together with the international community, provides all kinds of moral, political and diplomatic support to the oppressed people of Kashmir.

We must learn from history and must not allow another Holocaust to recur. Get up and raise your voice.

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