Rudolf Giuliani, personal lawyer of the US President, previously noted in his work in the Ukrainian direction, made a loud and dangerous statement for Donald Trump.

During the CNN broadcast, Giuliani admitted that he was seeking for the Ukrainian leadership to investigate the so-called “Ukraine Gate”, that is the interference of Kiev officials into the 2016 US Presidential election on the side of Hillary Clinton. In this regard, he also mentioned the incident with Joe Biden, who, as the vice president of the United States, exerted pressure on Petro Poroshenko, demanding that the investigation into the gas company Biden Jr. be hushed up.

Giuliani assured that his requirements for Ukraine did not concern Biden personally. According to him, it was “indirectly” about the “mass financial fraud” of the former vice president.

As News Front previously reported, Trump’s opponents have found a new reason to launch the impeachment of the president. They intend to dismiss him if they find evidence of pressure on the Ukrainian authorities to transfer incriminating evidence to Biden. This has already been attributed to the recent freezing of military aid to Kiev. At the same time, the statement by Giuliani also presents CNN as confirmation.

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