The LPR Government has created an operational headquarters to investigate the underpass of the undermining at the intersection of Lutuginskaya and 2nd Stroitelnaya streets in Luhansk, said the Head of the government Sergei Kozlov.

“In connection with the night incident, I decided to create an operational headquarters to investigate this incident,” – he said.

The headquarters included the chairman of the LPR Head’s administration, Olga Bas, the Minister of Internal Affairs of the LPR, Igor Kornet, the Prosecutor General of the LPR, Sergey Gorenko, the Minister of Emergencies and Disaster Relief of the LPR, Yevgeny Katsavalov, the Minister of Finance of the LPR, Yevgeny Manuilov, the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport of the LPR, Alexander Basov, First Deputy Minister of Telecommunications and Mass Communications of the LPR Yuri Pershikov. The body was headed by the chairman of the government of the Republic.

Kozlov instructed Basov to take the situation under his personal control “and, together with the traffic police, to work out all alternatives for alternate routes that will allow road users to get to the places they want.”

“I already gave the command to the republican center of civil engineering and expertise to make a conclusion as soon as possible on the possibility of passing vehicles through this overpass”, – Kozlov said.

“I ask you to connect the city government and specialists with the Ministry of Transport, because this overpass is on the balance sheet of the city”, – he added, referring to the chairman of the LPR Head’s administration.

In addition, the head of the staff instructed the head of the Ministry of Finance to foresee a source of funding for its use, “as soon as there is an estimate for the repair of this overpass”, and Pershikov to bring to the public “the routes that the Interior Ministry and Transport Ministry staff will work out”.

The Prime Minister also instructed to strengthen the protection of strategically important objects of the LPR.

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