The editor-in-chief of “Arsenal Otechestva” magazine Viktor Murakhovsky, in an interview with RT, esteemed the statement made by General Joseph Dunford, Head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the United States, that NATO was losing military superiority over Russia. 

As the expert admitted, “previously the bet was that Russia was weakened” and its armed forces “will remain weak”.

But these hopes of the politicians of the NATO countries did not come true. Since 2008, Russia has launched a large-scale military reform, adopted a new state armament program and has been successfully implementing it, modernized its armed forces and clearly demonstrated through an example of an operation in Syria that the Russian armed forces can carry out almost any task. NATO, of course, does not like it, it worries them, – Murakhovsky described the situation.

According to him, Russia “did not strengthen its groupings on the borders of NATO countries”. 

But traditionally, when the Western military wants money, they find themselves an “opponent” who becomes stronger and begins to threaten NATO countries. Today, Russia is such an “opponent.” Thus, intimidation of the public and a layman is being promoted. And under this business, of course, they increase the military budget, – Murakhovsky added.

Earlier, the Head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the United States, General Joseph Dunford, said that NATO’s superiority over Russia was reduced.

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