Serbia has a sufficient foreign policy resource to stop all attempts of the self-proclaimed “Republic of Kosovo” to assert itself by joining Interpol.

This statement was made by the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Balkan country, Nebojsa Stefanovich, while commenting on doubts publicly voiced by Pristina regarding the need to file another application to the International Criminal Police Organization.

The Serbian Minister emphasizes that in this way Pristina is only trying to lull the vigilance of Belgrade, but until the very last it will seek membership in Interpol. At the same time, Stefanovich assured that Kosovo could not succeed, because Serbia, with the support of its partners, would not allow this.

Such statements are an attempt to smooth out the situation so that in Belgrade they think that Pristina will not make an application, which means that active work on blocking can be abandoned, – he explained.

As News Front previously reported, the Czech Republic could strike another blow to Kosovo “independence”, where the authorities intend to reconsider the recognition of the Balkan quasi-state.

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