Greek police has carried out an operation on evicting migrants from two buildings illegally occupied by them in central Athens, the police reported.

The new Greek government has promised to bring security to order and has begun regular police operations.

The operation began early Thursday morning and lasted for several hours; it took place in the Exarchy area.
Two buildings, one of which is the Toshizio School, have been captured since 2016.
There were 90 migrants in the school building, including 36 minors. One person was detained for storing a knife. In another building there were 179 people, among them 62 minors. Two pistols were seized, the police is checking whether they are operational or whether they are replicas.

All migrants were brought to the Attica Office for Foreigners to verify their documents.

The police reported that the “Toshitsio School” belongs to the Educational Society, the total area of ​​its four floors is 1460 square meters. Until 2014, classes were held here. It is believed that the building was built according to the plans of Ernst Ziller, who in the late XIX – early XX centuries was one of the main architects of the royal and municipal buildings in large Greek cities. He built, in particular, the presidential palace (the current parliament of Greece), the archaeological and numismatic museums, the national library and the national academy.

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