The current American president, Donald Trump, is trying to ignore the decisions following the results of World War II for no purpose, because they were made with the participation of the United States, and the States invariably hold responsibility for them.

This statement was made by the former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland, the European Parliament member Vitold Waszczikowski, in an interview with Interia.

He expressed disappointment that Washington refuses to “be equally responsible” for what happened during the war years with one of the key current European partners of the United States, Poland. According to the politician, Trump would be worth supporting Warsaw in its efforts to receive multi-billion dollar reparations from Germany.

This approach is disappointing. The President of the United States does not have the right to distance himself from this, because decisions taken during World War II in Tehran or Yalta were made with the participation of Washington. Thus, he is responsible for the outcome of the war, and for what happened afterwards, for the structure of today’s Europe, for its division.
As News Front previously reported, it was Trump who distinguished himself by congratulating Poland on the anniversary of World War II.
I just want to congratulate Poland, it’s a great country with great people, – said the Head of the White House, answering the question of what he can say to the East European country in connection with this date.

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