Having become a hotbed of disease and violence, the migrant camp near the English Channel ceased to exist by court order.

The tent camp, the population of which reached about a thousand illegal immigrants, was recognized as dangerous to the health and safety of local residents who complained about the growing crime rate in the region.

According to some reports, many residents of the camp are Kurds who hoped to cross the canal to the UK, but now all illegal immigrants have been distributed to places of temporary residence, allowing them to apply for asylum.

However, local activists argue that the elimination of the camp does not solve the problem of the migration crisis. They criticize the authorities for the fact that all their activities are reduced to attempts to make illegal immigrants “invisible” to society, but even the elimination of the campground  near the English Channel did not prevent migrants from gathering in the area soon.

It is worth noting that the coast attracts illegal immigrants with the opportunity to move to the other side of the canal – to the United Kingdom. Recently, such cases have been observed regularly. Last week alone, law enforcement officers detained 86 illegal immigrants bound for Britain. At the same time, some migrants have already landed on the coast and disappeared.

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