It is becoming increasingly difficult for Western countries to adhere to anti-Russian sanctions, said Foreign Minister Vadim Priestayko in an interview with Welt.

According to the minister, the restrictive measures are “not perfect” and the West is eventually  ceasing to abide by them.

“Nevertheless, they harm the Russian economy. And this encourages Russians to move in the right direction,” — he added.

According to him, the distraction from the sanctions policy, in particular, lies in restoring the powers of the Russian delegation to Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly and calls for the return of the eastern neighbor to the G8.

Earlier, at the 16th annual meeting of the Yalta European Strategy (YES) in Kiev, Priestayko said that anti-Russian sanctions are not an end in themselves. He explained that Kiev does not strive to “hurt Russia,” but wants to “live happily together.”


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