The governing body of the municipal integration councils demanded that people living in Germany for more than three years have the same rights in Germany as EU citizens. This includes municipal suffrage. For this, it is necessary to amend the Constitution.

The Federal Council for Migration and Integration (BZI) has called for the promotion of various nationalities as well as state-funded anti-discrimination agencies in order to be able to consistently combat “racism”.
This is already practiced in more than half of the EU countries, said BZI Chairman Lajos Fischer at a symposium in Erfurt.

“They live in municipalities, pay taxes, educate their children here, and do not have the right to vote,” Fisher criticized the current laws.

In Erfurt, the BZI also discussed the prospects for migrants in the East. Fischer announced the results of the polls and said that eastern Germany is ten times more dangerous for refugees than the rest of the country. However, in the East, only five percent of people with a migratory past live in the Federal Republic.
BZI is a nationwide association of municipal integration organizations, migration councils and foreigners.

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