One of the world’s largest tobacco companies, Philip Morris International, could pay a fine of $ 2.5 million to the Ukrainian budget, which did not happen due to the efforts of the US Embassy.

As it became known from the published letter of the Ambassador of the United States Marie Jovanovic, it was the American diplomatic mission that lobbied the interests of the company, which violated the laws of Ukraine when importing raw materials and exporting finished products.

Jovanovic insisted that Vladimir Groisman, even as Prime Minister, hush up the conflict between «Philip Morris International» State Fiscal Service and the company and took care of that in relation to the US firm has been no criminal proceedings.

Moreover, she said that the actions of the fiscal service allegedly contradict Ukraine’s aspirations to follow the reform path. The ambassador also threatened that the scandal might not have the best effect on the flow of foreign investment.

The State Fiscal Service of Ukraine demanded a fine of 635 million hryvnias from Philip Morris back in 2016, however, later the situation was really hushed up.

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