At the OSCE meeting on freedom of speech, a group of brawlers is working out, which was noted for stealing reports in batches in the conference room. On Wednesday, September 18, said economist and political analyst Alexander Nosovich.

As it turned out, the violators turned out to be journalists of the notorious ATR television channel, which was associated with the Crimean Tatar organization Mejlis. Officially, the “film crew” allegedly leads a live broadcast of the meeting. In practice, its mission is somewhat different.

“The real challenge: to follow the tables on which the publications of the participants are laid out. Any reports that critically highlight Ukraine are immediately removed by the entire pile. Including ours. Argumentation is Russian propaganda,” – said Nosovich.

It is noteworthy that the Mejlis activists also seized the reports of Ukrainian human rights activists from Kiev, who have nothing to do with Russia.

“Such is the European choice and values of democracy. And they are urging us to come to understanding and agreement with these people,” – the expert concluded.

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