The Court of Appeal of Macedonia upheld the conviction for a group of terrorists who attacked Kumanovo on May 9 and 10, 2015.

This court decision provoked a reaction in the homeland of the terrorists, in the self-proclaimed “Republic of Kosovo.” Former Prime Minister and field commander of the terrorist Kosovo Liberation Army Ramush Haradinai said he will seek a re-examination of this case in the Supreme Court.

As a result of the terrorist attack of 2015, eight Macedonian policemen were killed and 40 were injured. A group of terrorists infiltrated from Kosovo.

Convicts, a total of 37 people, mainly Kosovo Albanians, received a sentence in 2017. Seven members of the group received a life sentence, 13 people – 40 years, 6 of them –20 years, and the rest – 18 or less.

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