Political scientists drew attention to the children’s board game “Future War: Poland”, released by an American company in the gaming industry. Candidate of Political Sciences Valeria Shatskaya is sure that this is not just another desktop strategy, but a real training manual on planning and conducting military operations between the North Atlantic Alliance and Russia.

Firstly, the expert was alerted by the detailed map of the Baltic region. Secondly, the names of real military units of Belarus, Russia and NATO are assigned to game chips. Thirdly, the scenario of the game involves several options for the conflict, including nuclear strikes. Moreover, the instructions explain the rules for launching missile, air and artillery strikes, including determining their degree of destruction. Abstract to the game in general deserves special attention.

All these facts, according to the political scientist, indicate that the game was compiled by military experts and is a powerful tool for influencing the active population, especially young people.

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