In such a crucial period, the United Kingdom needs to conduct an extremely accurate foreign policy, because with the release of their European Union, it will need all the economic ties, even if Washington doesn’t like them.

This is stated in the article of the publication “Contra Magazin” dedicated to the warning that Beijing sent to London regarding the participation of Britain in joint maneuvers with the United States in the South China Sea.

As noted in the publication, good relations with China, even though China remains a strategic adversary of the United States, will be a decisive factor for Britain after Brexit. No wonder Boris Johnson, barely sitting down in the prime minister’s chair, spoke about the “golden era” of British-Chinese trade cooperation and even demanded that US President Donald Trump abolish duties on Chinese goods.

The authors are sure that London expects to play on two fronts, while maintaining relations with China and the United States. However, the States are trying to drag Britain into the anti-Chinese campaign, which puts the kingdom in a difficult choice.

“Britain can invariably remain an American accomplice and violate the sovereign rights of China. At the same time, London may refuse such a policy of the gunboats of the colonial era, which would mean elementary respect in relations with Beijing within the framework of international norms,” – the publication concludes, emphasizing that “the times when Britain, by deceit, carried out an aggressive policy in the name of Uncle Sam, behind”.

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