A powerful explosion occurred in one of the most protected areas of the Afghan capital.

This is reported by local media on Tuesday, September 17.

As the representative of the metropolitan police said, the incident occurred near the American embassy in the area of ​​Masuda Square. He did not provide other details, including he did not specify whether there were any victims of the terrorist attack.

It is worth noting that this is not the first incident in the area where, besides the building of the American diplomatic mission, NATO headquarters and the Ministry of Defense of Afghanistan are located. As News Front reported, in early September, a suicide bomber blew up a mined van here, resulting in numerous victims, including the ones among US forces.

Later, Donald Trump decided to postpone a deal with the Taliban* terroristic organization operating in Afghanistan. In response, the militants threatened Washington with new victims. At the moment, none of the groups has claimed responsibility for the attack, but it cannot be excluded that the Taliban are behind the attack.

In addition, today there was a terrorist attack in the northern province of Parvan, where the current President Ashraf Ghani held an agitation procedure as a part of the election campaign. According to police, a bomb detached to a police car near the rally detonated. The incident killed 24 people. Another 31 were injured. Among the dead and injured there are women and children. The head of state himself was not injured.

* – prohibited in the Russian Federation

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