This was reported by the German news agency News Front.

The four-week courses cost 21 thousand euros per participant. At the same time, there were a total of 217 people. However, the Bundeswehr could not boast of success, since out of more than two hundred migrants, only two found a permanent job.

In a confidential report from early August, auditors wrote that the program was “uneconomical and inefficient.” 217 migrants took part in four-week training courses that began in 2016.

It is noteworthy that the commensurate programs of the Federal Employment Agency cost about 1.8 thousand euros per participant. The reasons for the high costs in the Bundeswehr are planning errors: since the German language was worse than expected among the Syrians, interpreters, whose services cost nearly 900 thousand euros, were hired.

According to the report, participation in the courses of military personnel and personnel cost a total of 2.4 million euros. More than 500 thousand euros were spent on the purchase of equipment, although migrants were not allowed to enter it for security reasons.

Already at the end of 2016, the Bundeswehr internal investigation called the project “an unhealthy cost-benefit ratio” and demanded its abolition. However, the agency ordered further training for Syrian migrants, and so far only two out of 217 refugees have found permanent jobs.

As News Front previously reported, German authorities still cannot provide the army with the necessary number of shoes. The Bundeswehr promised to complete this procedure only in 2022.

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