A police officer from the anti-crime department was beaten in Cannes when he wanted to arrest people who had stolen a scooter. Two citizens of Iraq and Tunisia, aged 23 and 25, were finally arrested, the other two fled.

In Cannes, two people stabbed and kicked a police officer in the fight against crime (LHC), who was trying to arrest them, Var-Matin reports.
It all started when this policeman and his colleagues saw a scooter stolen from Jean de Noai Avenue on September 14th. Therefore, officials have decided to stay and observe, the daily newspaper reports.

Subsequently, four people who came for a two-wheeled vehicle appeared. The police began their arrest, but the suspects began to flee. The official was able to catch up with one of them. One of his accomplices came to his aid. They began to brutally beat a policeman. His colleagues intervened and stopped the attackers. However, the other two managed to escape.

The detainees were detained by the police. These are two citizens of Iraq and Tunisia aged 23 to 25 years. They will be trialed on October 14th.

As for the policeman, his ankle and a few bruises on his body are broken. He was assigned a month without work.

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