Yoga lovers strike a pose on the US-Mexico border

Dozens of Ciudad Juarez yoga enthusiasts held a morning class on Sunday next to the Rio Bravo on the US-Mexico border.

The group said its objective was to demonstrate its wish for harmony and a world “without walls” and to change negative perceptions of Mexico.

Yoga instructor Carmen Reyes said: “The Rio Bravo is emblematic, the border crossing between Mexico and the United States, where people cross on a daily basis to look for a place to live better, where people have lost their lives, where illegal things have also crossed.

“We want to change the image the world has towards Mexico by showing them Yoga is also practised here. We want to change what goes on in Juarez a little bit.”

US president Donald Trump has made slashing illegal migration numbers and building a border wall a hallmark of his presidency and his 2020 re-election bid.


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