The head of the Greek delegation, deputy chairman of the Friends of Crimea International Association Konstantinos Iraklis Isihos said that the Crimean region is in constant development.

The Greek delegation is visiting Crimea. The purpose of the visit is to prepare for the international project “Greeks of the Black Sea”, which provides for the filming of a series of documentaries on the Greeks of the Crimea and the history of Russian-Greek relations.

“Every time I come to Crimea, I see something new. A new airport, roads, infrastructure. Crimea is in constant development,” – Ishihos said at a meeting with Crimean deputies.

He emphasized that filming a documentary will allow to convey truthful information about what is happening in Crimea. “We will try to convey this information to the whole world,” Hesychos emphasized.

According to him, for the Greeks who come to Crimea, there is no feeling that they left Greece.

“We are under the same sun, clear skies and have the same dreams of peace and cooperation. It would be unnatural for Greece and Russia to not have good cultural and international relations,” – said Ishihos.

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