In an interview for News Front, Bulgaria, the head of the department for interaction between the Russian Orthodox Church and the Institute of the CIS countries, the head of the Association of Orthodox Experts, Kirill Frolov, commented on the latest developments in Bulgaria (the so-called RussiaGate and the case of espionage in favor of Russia), and made a gloomy the forecast that this is only the beginning of a large-scale operation, and then the Bulgarian clergy will fall under attack.

“Here it is very important to see the forest behind the trees, that is, the background of all events, because they shot at Nikolai Malinov, and the goal is representatives of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, who are irreconcilable to the betrayal of the Patriarch of Constantinople Bartholomew in relation to Orthodoxy and church canons,” – notes Frolov.

The expert recalled the situation with the summer provocations in Georgia, and also drew a parallel with what was happening in Bulgaria, noting that the background of the Georgian scenario included an attempt to put pressure on the Georgian church to force it to recognize the so-called the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, simply saying “the Dumenko sect”, that has no apostolic succession.

According to the organizers of the provocation, if they manage to break them down, the main lobbyist of the heresiarch Bartholomew in the Bulgarian Church, Metropolitan Nikolai Plovlivsky, will be able to secure the recognition of the BOC by the Dumenko sect. The style of provocation in Bulgaria repeats the summer provocations in Georgia undertaken with the goal of similar pressure on the Georgian Church. But the hierarchs-confessors cannot be broken, and the truth is about the customers and the true goals of the provocation from the USA and Const. The patriarchy should be reported to the “city and the world,” – Frolov stated.

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