Is it worth counting on the fact that the United Kingdom will nevertheless conclude a deal with the European Union within the framework of Brexit, or the procedure will follow a “tough” scenario – all this will be decided in the foreseeable future.

This statement was made by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in a publication for The Daily Telegraph.

“If we can make significant progress in the coming days, I will arrive at this important summit on October 17 to complete a deal that will take into account the interests of entrepreneurs and citizens on both sides of the strait and on both sides of the Irish border,” – Johnson says.

Moreover, he expressed confidence that an agreement could be reached, although he accused the British Parliament of the fact that it was through the efforts of the legislature “any agreement is made elusive.” According to him, the position of the deputies creates the impression that the kingdom does not want to leave the EU at all.

“This impression is erroneous. On this day [October 31] we will leave the EU with or without a deal, ”stated the Prime Minister, who is in talks today with representatives of the European Union.

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