Telgruck-sur-Mer residents gathered on the beach of Tres-Balti to show their anger.

More than 600 people gathered on Saturday, September 14, in Telgruck-sur-Mer, Finister, to protest against the Frenchization of geographical names in Britain, reprorted to AFP by one of the organizers.

“There were more than 600 of us on Tres-Bellek beach,” said Tanguy Luarn, President of Kevre Breizh, one of the event’s organizational associations, confirming information from Ouest-France.

Demonstrators protested against a French sample of 32 new streets, initially applied in Breton, from elected representatives of a small town, in particular the new “Pelican Street,” which crystallizes tension. 

According to Ouest-France, the elected officials who are responsible for naming the premises explained that the need to number and name the streets and houses was determined by the opportunity to facilitate La Poste’s work and assistance.

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