In the Netherlands, the first passport holder appeared, in which instead of the mark “M”, which means belonging to the male sex, or “V” to the female, the mark “X” appeared, meaning the so-called third gender or intersex.

Leon Seegers was able to achieve such a court decision in 57 years. The man underwent a sex change operation in 2001. Seegers now considers himself to be intersex, but the Dutch legislation did not favor this.

This gender option simply was not provided because Zeegers went to court and get a satisfactory decree. According to a court decision, the inability to identify a person as a “gender-neutral person” violates his right to privacy, self-identification and autonomy. As a result, Seegers was issued a new passport with the mark “X”, which so far is unique.

The fact is that the court decision did not affect Dutch law, therefore, officially becoming an intersexual can only be done in the same way – through the court. According to statistics, there are approximately 4% of citizens in the country.

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