Trump has looked for a more courteous national security adviser

The place of adviser to the US president on national security issues, which until recently was held by John Bolton, can be obtained by Robert O’Brien, who is considered in the White House to be a “neat choice” due to his courtesy, reported by The Washington Post, citing its own sources.

John Bolton was regularly distinguished by harsh and even aggressive statements. O’Brien, in turn, will “contrast” with Bolton, political circles say. He now holds the post of US Special Envoy for Hostages, is known for good relations with colleagues in the State Department and can become a full-fledged “team player”, who is being looked after in the White House.

According to the publication, the appointment of O’Brien is approved by the head of the State Department, Michael Pompeo. It is noted that US President Donald Trump has already talked with a candidate for the post of his adviser.

The competition for O’Brien is made up of Ricky Waddell, head of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee, Keith Kellogg, National Security Advisor to the U.S. Vice President, Steven Bigan, U.S. Special Representative for the DPRK, and even Richard Grenell, the infamous US Ambassador to Berlin.

With the latter, according to media reports, Trump should have a conversation today, although, according to reports, Grenell is not popular not only in German political circles, but also in the State Department. In particular, he is not in a better relationship with Pompeo due to the fact that he “too broadly interpreted his powers” as head of the diplomatic mission.


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