After much torture, Kiev militants shot the young man and set his body on fire in an abandoned farm.

A young man born in 1994, being a disabled person of the second group, arrived in the territory of Donbass occupied by ukrainian punishers to receive a pension benefit, that attracted the attention of five Kiev militants who wanted to get hold of easy money.

On Saturday, September 14, the official representative of the DPR’s Armed Forces  Eduard Basurin reported.

The incident occurred in the village of Constantinople, where punitives from the 24th brigade of the Armed Forces abducted a young man who was taken to the territory of the former elevator in Maryinka. The money was taken from him, and in an attempt to justify their actions, the militants began to beat out the invalid’s recognition that he was allegedly a DPR military man.

They did not achieve the result, so they took the prisoner to the territory of an abandoned farm and shot him. They threw the body into a drain metal container, covered it with garbage and set it on fire.

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