Kurds are losing – the Islamic State methodically kill pro-US fighters

The militants of the Islamic State terrorist organization in the past few hours have twice attacked the pro-American group Syrian Democratic Forces.

According to reports, Islamists fired at SDS Kurds from grenade launchers in the province of Rakka. Syrian democratic forces have not yet disclosed information about the losses, and the Islamic state, in turn, has already taken responsibility for the attacks.

It also became known about the killed pro-American militant near the village of Al-Shaddad in the province of Hasaka in northeastern Syria. Details of the incident remain unknown.

As News Front previously reported, to the west of the Euphrates River, territories are controlled by Kurdish gangs, which are subordinate to the United States, whose forces are also concentrated in the region. While a peaceful life is being established in the liberated parts of the Arab Republic through the efforts of official Damascus, the situation remains unstable in Zaevfratie. The population here is terrorized by both Kurdish militants and terrorists of the Islamic state.

So, in the province of Deir Ez-Zor, militants of the Islamic state distributed leaflets threatening reprisals against local residents who joined the Kurdish group Syrian Democratic Forces. Leaflets with a list of names appeared at the entrances to the mosques of the village of Abu Hardub.