Intelligence officers of the Information Security Agency discovered caches with weapons just three hundred meters from the Serbian military base in Presevo.

The masked bunker was located in one of the houses of the village of Pecheno, which is located almost at the “border” with Kosovo. The investigators found there a Kalashnikov assault rifle and a pair of M-48 rifles, which were in service with the Yugoslav People’s Army. A detailed study revealed that the rifles are modified for hunting ammunition.

It is tentatively assumed that the weapons have remained here since the time of the so-called “Liberation Army of Preshev, Buyanovets and Medvedzhi”.

It is also worth noting that this is the second warehouse that was found in this region in 2019. In winter, a cache with automatic and semi-automatic weapons was discovered here.

In this regard, the investigating authorities do not exclude the impending terrorist attack on the Serbian military base. This version is also supported by the fact that the region has dozens of mountain villages inhabited by Albanians. Many of them previously were in the same “Liberation Army”.

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