Riots begin against the American “owners” in Georgia

The United States met in Georgia an unexpected confrontation from local political forces.

So, despite the strong influence of Washington, already on Sunday, September 15, a large-scale protest rally will be held near the walls of the American embassy in Tbilisi. The action was initiated by the leaders of the Alliance of Georgian Patriots Party.

“We will show our American “partners” that neither Saakashvili, nor Bokeria, nor Kramer is a decree for us. Georgia is an independent country, and we deserve respect, ” – said one of the party’s leaders, Irma Inashvili, stressing that Georgia“ should not be a US colony.”

It is worth noting that earlier a protest rally was held near the building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia demanding that former US Assistant Secretary of State David Kramer be barred from entering the country.

The fact is that recently Inashvili appeared at an event hosted by the Center for Economic Policy Studies, as well as the McCain Institute. Her appearance without an invitation to a forum where anti-Russian issues were discussed resonated, and David Kramer tried to expel her within about twenty minutes.


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