The French capital today has faced the largest strike of transport workers over the past twelve years, provoking traffic jams of 300 kilometers in length. On Friday, September 13, reports the publication “The Local”.

The protest also led to the closure of ten of the sixteen lines of the Paris metro. And even workers are forced to function on a limited schedule. So, trains run only at rush hour.

The regional railway lines were also paralyzed. This led to the fact that residents of remote areas of the capital and suburbs were forced to walk to work in the central parts of Paris. Some rode scooters, bicycles and even scooters.

At the same time, traffic jams broke the local record, stretching this morning for 291 kilometers, which is two times higher than the usual figure for Paris.

Earlier, France’s largest unions called on workers to oppose pension reform, under which 42 different pension systems will be merged into one based on points.

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