Kashmir: The Largest Curfew in the known – history of human beings

No one knows exactly, what is happening in Kashmir. How many people have been killed, how many have been arrested, how many detained, how many women raped, etc. Since the 5th of August, Kashmir is under curfew. Maybe not the longest, but the largest curfew in the known history of human beings is imposed in Kashmir.

Kashmir: The Largest Curfew in the known - history of human beings

All foreigners and visitors were evacuated, the leadership of Kashmir was arrested, and Journalists were bared to cover Kashmir, Mobile service and Internet service was suspended, to keep Kashmir isolated from the rest of the world. Complete isolation and blackout of Kashmir from the rest of world.

The source of information is very limited and International media is getting very limited access to actual ground realities. People to people contacts are the only sources of information leaked out. Satellite images can be explained to the situation in Kashmir only.

Kashmir was disputed territory between India, Pakistan, and China, well recognized by the UN. There exist resolutions on Kashmir passed by UNSC. According to the resolutions, Kashmir people were given the right to self-determination by plebiscite. Kashmir is the only a state occupied by India, having a Muslim majority, up to 87% population is Muslim. That is why, India, was escaping to implement the UN resolution of the plebiscite. It is obvious, by plebiscite, India has to leave Kashmir. Since its illegal occupation of Kashmir in 1947, India was engaged in changing the demography of Kashmir and tried its best to inhabitant Hindus from other parts of India to settle in Kashmir to change the Muslim majority into a minority. Unilateral action of the Indian Government in Kashmir is a violation of the UN, Simla agreement and against all norms of the civilized world.

For 7 decades, India used all tactics to suppress the spirit of Kashmir for joining Pakistan through a plebiscite. Indian teachers were deployed in the schools to change the mindset of kids, intellectuals were engaged in changing the mindset, preachers were engaged in brainwashing, civic societies and social workers were trying to change the mindset. Police and local government was used to suppress the local movements for self-determination. India used excessive force by deploying almost one million troops to suppress the Kashmiri right of self-determination. Draconian laws were introduced, where troops can shoot at the spot on suspicion only. Security forces were raiding any house without giving any reason. Detention, arrest were routine matters. Indian forces were using rape as a weapon. Young girls were raped in front of their parents and brothers to humiliate their families. Kids were tortured and even killed in front of their parents. India has crossed all limits of human rights violations.

UN Secretary-General, Human Rights Organizations, Amnesty International, International NGOs, and all peace-loving nations and individuals have raised their voice against the Indian crimes against humanity in Kashmir. Worldwide protests, agitations, rallies, and demonstrations were witnessed anger of the general public throughout the world. International media, what so ever access is available, is trying to cover the situation in Kashmir, almost all the mainstream media has condemned India for its crimes in Kashmir. The exact number of killings, detentions, arrests, torture, rape, etc. are unknown, maybe the only fraction of what has been reported in the media.

India should learn that if in spite of all dirty tricks, could not suppress the high spirit of people of Kashmir for their struggle of self-determination, provided by the UNSC, it may not succeed in the future. India must leave Kashmir, the sooner the better.

It is appealed to all peace-loving nations

and individuals with human conscious, to condemn India for its illegal occupation of Kashmir and severe violations of Human rights. Lift the curfew immediately, respect the UN Charter, and Hold the plebiscite according to UNSC resolution.

Author: Prof. Engr. Zamir Ahmed Awan, Sinologist (ex-Diplomate), Academician, Researcher, Peace-activist, Non-Resident Fellow of CCG (Center for China and Globalization), Islamabad, Pakistan


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