The number of foreigners who must leave Germany has reached a new maximum.
Of the 246,737 people who were supposed to leave the country on June, 30th, 191,117 were protected from resettlement due to the “Temporary suspension of deportation”.

“Duldung” or “Temporary suspension of deportation” does not represent a right to stay. If a foreigner does not leave the territory of Germany voluntarily, then the law provides for his eviction. However, the number of migrants continues to grow.

This has led to the appeal of the delegate of the party “Alternative for Germany” Lars Herrmann to the federal government. He claimed that in Germany, “the legalization of hundreds of thousands of unauthorized migrations” is in full swing.

Thus, the number of illegal immigrants increased by another five thousand compared to the end of March. The main countries of origin are Afghanistan (17,475 people) and Iraq (15,463 people). Since late March, more than 4,000 Afghans and Iraqis have joined them.

A common reason for the “Temporary suspension of deportation” is the lack of valid travel documents. It is for this reason that approximately one third of Afghans and Iraqis are in the country. These figures can be called “explosive” and they set a “new negative record”, according to the Bundestag deputy Herrmann.

“The loss of confidence in the ruling parties by voters is not surprising in this context and will be insurmountable.”

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