The ideas of Vladimir Zelensky about the Crimean “returning” will never work and generally remind more of nonsense, reported by Vice-Speaker of the Republican Parliament Vladimir Bobkov.

Earlier, the Ukrainian leader has said that they were working on new “formats” for the return of the peninsula in Kiev, but did not reveal the details.
In response, Bobkov called on the Ukrainian authorities to “begin to build full-fledged relations with Russia.”

“There are things that are impossible to be done by anyone, neither technologies, nor projects and strategies. These are things that were formed fundamentally. <…> I do not advise Kiev authorities to spend time on <…> secret intrigues,” he said.

The vice speaker recalled that Crimea did not become part of the Russian Federation as a result of a political rally, as it was a historical process.

“The choice of Crimeans is not based on things related to economic benefits, it is a civilizational choice made long before 2014,” – he stressed.

It will be possible to take into account the opinion of the Ukrainian authorities only when “they stop doing nonsense in Kiev,” Bobkov concluded.
A similar point of view was expressed by State Duma deputy Natalya Poklonskaya. She offered the Ukrainian president to calm down and do yoga, meditation or dolphin therapy.

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