Vladimir Putin was offered to plunder Iraq in common with Washington

The US administration has been considering the opportunity to involve Russia into the notorious war with Iraq. It was offered to share the resources invaded in the Middle Eastern country with Moscow in return.

This has been reported by «The Washington Free Beacon» edition.

It is important to point out that the idea was proposed by the current Democratic candidate for the US President called Joe Biden. Being a member of Senate International Affairs Committee in 2003, he ardently criticized George W. Bush  for his being unable to bias world countries against Iraq even after the «9/11» terroristic act.

He himself claimed that he had led negotiations with Vladimir Putin and offered him a deal: first 12 billion dollars from the income received from oil that could be easily transported from Iraq due to the conflict, in case Russia agrees to partake in the war for the USA.

Then Biden attempted to inform George W. Bush about the negotiations, but the information wasn’t delivered to that-time President of the USA. Along with this, Biden was convinced that Russia would agree with the offered conditions without hiding the fact that in this war he could see a «Goldmine for the oil companies of the USA». The edition also featured that Moscow stood against the invasion initiated by the USA.