Last year, the Moldovan parliament, controlled by oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc, decided to demolish the Republican Stadium, giving this land for the construction of a new building of the American embassy, and now Chisinau’s youth have opposed such plans.

According to local media, the young activists held a protest at the entrance to the stadium. The rally was marked by the use of smoke bombs, which the demonstrators waved for ten minutes.

It is worth noting that the position of young people who oppose the transfer of land for use to the United States is shared by the majority of the Moldovan capital, as evidenced by the results of numerous surveys. Moreover, citizens even signed a petition demanding a referendum on the issue of transferring land for the construction of the US diplomatic mission.

The republican stadium stopped working in 2006 during the premiership of Vasily Tarlev, who, in turn, promised to build a new arena in his place, which never happened. Last summer, the Moldovan parliament passed the law “On the Abolition of the Republican Stadium” with a view to the subsequent construction of the US Embassy.

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