Turkish Ministry of Defence reports that the fire that started after a series of explosions at the ammunition depot in the North of Cyprus is localized, the investigation of the accident is begun.

As it was previously reported by Kudret Özersay, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the unrecognized Turkish Republic of Northen Cyprus, in the result of the incident several people were injured by glass splinters. As a measure of precaution, the authorities evacuated the inhabitants of the district where the incident had happened. The Turkish Cypriot leader, Mustafa Akyndzhi, arrived in the region.

Akyndzhi added that the situation was held under control.

«We act in close connection with Turkish authorities, there are no reasons for disturbance», – quotes Anadolu agency.

Cyprus has de-facto been separated between Greek and Turkish communes since 1974. In 1983, the «Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus», unrecognized by the international community, was declared. The negotiations between Greek and Turkish communes are led mediated by the UN. After the failure of the regular round in 2017, the parties are holding consultations concerning their reunion.

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