The influential power of the US Air Force is seriously questioned because of the absence of the strategic bomber B-52H «Stratofortress» in Czech Republic, where the regular NATO Exercises were held.

According to the available data, the airplane previously declared to participate in NATO maneuvers, arrived in the UK air base on September, 5th. However, in accordance with the data of «Operline» Internet portal, it still hasn’t flown out. It has been found out that the flight was obstructed by technical defects that the staff is desperately trying to eliminate.

Nevertheless, this was not the end of the disgrace of the US Air Force. The Stratofortress bomber was declared to participate in the Air Show «Jersey International Air Display» that takes place on the Jersey Island near the Normandy shore, but unfortunately to the organization staff, that has already expressed its regret, the airplane hasn’t been able to fly out the British «Fairford» air base.

It is important to point out that the US BBC command in Europe and Africa claimed that a group of bombers arrived in Great Britain. Virtually, it was a single bomber except another one, a B-52H that has been standing idle on the «Mildenhall» air base. After its flights above Europe, it had to come back emergently because its engine had caught fire.

Another disappointing incident happened to «Stratofortress» at the end of august when the UK hosted a plane that was hardly able to complete its flight across the ocean to take part in Exercises held in Jordan.

B-52 bombers have been exploited by the US Air Force since the second half of the twentieth century and are forecasted to stand at the armament for approximately 10 next years. It represents a constituent part of the American nuclear shield and is promoted to provide the safety of NATO allies, though recently it has regularly faced the problems that the US Government is unable to solve.

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