Moldovan pro-Europeans push Plahotniuc’s followers into authorities

The Moldovan Minister of Internal Affairs and one of the leaders of the pro-European bloc “ACUM” stood out with a resonant decision to appoint a fellow of oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc to the post in law enforcement agencies. ACUM is supposed fight the regime of Plahotniuc and his followers, but unfortunately there is another situation.

So, Nastase visited the city of Cahul in the south of the country, where he shook hands with Commissioner Sergiu Kostandaki, ignoring the fact that he had previously actively participated in political events of the Democratic Party of Plahotniuc. Moreover, Nastase appointed Andrei Syrbu, the former commissar of the Leowsky and Kantemirsky inspectorates, who illegally campaigned for Elena Bakal, a candidate for MPs, in his place. It is noteworthy that Kostandaki did not retire, but was immediately appointed as a deputy of the new commissioner.

It is worth noting that non-participation in the political activities of the Moldovan law enforcement officer is regulated by a number of normative acts, in particular the Disciplinary Statute of the policeman, as well as the Police Development Strategy for 2016-2020.

As News Front previously reported, Vladimir Plahotniuc fled the country after an unsuccessful coup attempt. The years of his rule in Moldova were remembered by a serious decline and incredible corruption in state bodies, including law enforcement agencies.


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